Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Are You Embarrassed?

I have been avoiding politically charged blogs for a while now, but can hold it back no longer.

I am embarrassed.

I am an American and I am a patriot. I have devoted my adult life to supporting and defending our country.

I feel that I am experiencing the decline and fall of the Roman Empire all over again. We have an executive branch which daily provides mixed messages tinged with only a hint of the truth, a Congress that is more concerned with partisan politics than seeing the elephant in the room and governing our great nation, and a Supreme Court which is divided and has apparently lost its moral rudder.

This headline caught my eye yesterday: We've never had a president 'incapable of telling the truth,' says former Bill Clinton press secretary - The Week

The United States has gone from being the undisputed leader for other nations to emulate and a force for justice and democracy in the world to the laughing stock of the world as we become so inwardly focused that we cannot or will not see the myriad threat confronting our borders--and they are not immigrants from the south.

Tariffs are for trade war losers.

Walls are for the fearful.

Scapegoats mask failure.

Lies are for the deceitful.

My country right or wrong--I have great hopes for the mid-term elections.The majority of voters in our country need to unite and clearly express their frustration at the way our country has changed during there past one-and-a-half years! Yes, it has only been that long. We are just past the halfway point.

The time to begin change and restore our country is now! Find and support candidates who are devoted to leading our country from a bipartisan perspective.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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