Saturday, June 2, 2018

The All-Star

Jax Walking back to the Mound
GORC All Star Game
June 1, 2018
Last evening the GORC Under 10 Intramural Baseball League held its All-Star game and four Dodgers, including Jackson, made the team. Representing the National League, they competed against boys from American League teams in a generally well played game.

The American League lost 15-9, but that score was not the important part of the game. Watching the best players from each of the teams play together was rewarding for me. The boys are beginning to understand some of the important points of the game. Some really great lays were made int the field, including catching some well hit deep balls--which is partly why the American League lost, they had some deep well hit balls that were caught and that prevented runs from scoring and ended innings with the bases loaded. 

Jax was awesome at the plate. He reached base every time that he was up and was involved in a number of plays in the field. He also pitched a strong inning.

With the All-Star game complete, there is one regular season game remaining for the GORC Dodgers and then onto next week's playoffs.

Summertime is coming!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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