Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cool Summer Days

The Team
Last evening I spent another two-and-a-half hours watching Jackson and his tournament team prepare for the weekend's games. 
Jax During the After Practice Team Meeting

It was another long practice in preparation for a tiring weekend of games when the weather is expected to be hot. At least the evening weather was cool and provided the perfect conditions for another lengthy practice.

Jax is enjoying moving up to the next level of baseball where the game takes on deep strategy and complexity. There are signs to get the players ready for all aspects of the game from batting, to pitching, to base running, and even calling plays in the field.

Something the coach told the boys really resonated with me, he said, "You are not playing baseball, you are baseball players!" I think it is an important distinction. They are no longer just playing a game. 

The boys of summer are here!

In other news, the Orioles lost another game last evening 8-7.  They were winning in the 9th and managed to lose in the 11th. They are now a dismal 23-56 and they are 26 games out of first place.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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