Friday, December 8, 2017

The Budget and Waste

The political games associated with the federal budget are afoot yet again.

The ball has been kicked down the road yet again, although for only two more weeks.

It is a sad statement about the state of our government that our elected representatives cannot, do not, and apparently will not understand the waste and danger to our common defense that is generated by their now almost continual ineptitude at passing a comprehensive budget to fund the government. 

According to Federal News Radio, The Department of the Navy estimates that continuing resolutions have led to the waste of $4 billion since 2011.

That is $4 billion taxpayer dollars because the Congress cannot execute one of its fundamental and most important Constitutional duties.

Given the speed of commerce and communications, our government's approach to the budget is increasingly archaic, wasteful, and dangerous. 

It has also become far too political.

The Washington Examiner has an article about how the continuing resolutions negatively impact the defense of the country and readiness. 

From that article, here is an example of the impact:

For example, America’s long-running wars have depleted the stockpiles of bombs and missiles used to battle the Islamic State and other terrorist groups.
The new budget includes money to ramp up production of high-demand weapons to replenish the inventory, but as long as spending is frozen at last year’s levels, that initiative cannot begin.

We could run out of critical weapons to defend the nation because the Congress cannot pass a fully funded budget.

The continuing resolution situation cannot continue. 

There ought to be a law! 

But wait, there is! Congress just ignores it.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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