Sunday, December 10, 2017

First Snowfall for the Pup

Finnegan in His Hat
The first snowfall of the season arrived yesterday with 2.5 inches covering the grass. We received less snow than places south of us, some of which are reporting 15 inches. 

Finnegan in the Snow
The first snow of the season is often considered magical. In my mind there is nothing magical about the snow, it is just cold. 

It was, however, the first exposure to snow for our pup, Finnegan. Of course he needed to be properly attired for his sojourn into the elements. Sometimes I think this dog is a replacement for a doll. At least he does not seem to mind the attention of being dressed up  and paraded about. 

The weather remained wintery all day and we have the snow remaining this morning. I think the pup has a larger wardrobe than I do.

Well he is cute all dressed up in his overcoat and ready for the elements. 

I'm sure there will be additional photo ops for the pup as the winter season progresses.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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