Saturday, December 9, 2017

Images of the Season

Four Seasons Hotel, D.C.
Before Dinner
Ham Solo
I am sitting here warm in my family room watching the news of the impending storm and waiting for the first snow flakes of the season to descend from the sky.

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening with Nicole, Mike, Jim and Shannon last evening celebrating her birthday in D.C.  Earlier in the day I drove Patrick and Tina to the airport as they departed for the Florida and a cruise. 

I have come across some interesting sights during the season. 

The one that made me laugh is Ham Solo.

Tree on the back deck
Residing at Patrick and Tina's residence, Ham Solo is clearly a good idea taken to an extreme. The pig is certainly getting into the spirit of the season, even though he will never get off the ground. If he could get off the ground, well, then  we wouldn't be able to say "when pigs fly.!"

My last image is an artistic one that I snapped of the small lighted tree on our deck. Looking out the window in the evening I was able to get the lights coming from the darkness.

I was amazed that an image that I was about to delete actually caught my eye with an impressionistic view of the season.

The images continue.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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