Sunday, October 1, 2017

Saturday Snapshots

My Sunday morning tee-time is still almost two hours away and it is dark outside.

The temperature is 46 degrees! Cold! Autumn has definitely arrived despite my best efforts to wish it away. 

Before I get started on my day, I felt like reviewing yesterday's cornucopia of activities. 

I mowed the lawn, no surprise there. It needed it. I ran out of gas during the mowing, but a short trip to the gas station rectified the small delay.

Riordin Playing with Plastic
I put together my birthday present, a golf push cart. I discovered while completing this small project that the safety labeling on plastic bags about keeping them away from small children should also apply to small animals, like cats. It appears that Riordin has a death wish. I had to encourage him to stop playing with the plastic bag.

Following this, the entire family gathered for a my family birthday celebration, complete with cake. Yay! It is always fun when the family gets together.

After the party, Chris and I joined Patrick and Tina at the Hysteria Brewing Company for some fun. Tina and I played an epic game of Jenga which, by the time a winner was determined, had nearly the entire establishment watching.

While at the brewing company, I spied a piece of youth. An Electrolux vacuum. I sold Electrolux vacuums for-to-door one summer between years of college. The ones I sold were a bit newer than the one on display in the tap room, but it still brought back some memories.

From there, it was off to a birthday dinner for a friend, whose birthday is the day after mine. I do hang out with a lot of people who have September and October birthdays!

On to Sunday and the sun is almost up and I need to get ready to play some golf.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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