Friday, October 6, 2017

Out the Hotel Window - Montgomery, AL

Left out the Hotel Window
Not inspiring. 

That was the view out my hotel window at the Embassy Suites in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. Not only that, but the windows were dirty and the view was further degraded.

I love to open the curtains in my hotel room to allow the sunlight to enter the usually dark rooms. While I did open the curtains, the view of warehouses and parking garages just did not do it for me. 
Right out the Hotel Window

Don't misunderstand, I enjoyed the hotel and the room was generally in good repair, it was the view that was lacking.

That written, I've had worse. A lot worse. 

Maybe Montgomery was generally interesting and the hotel was strategically located in the downtown area. I did not have to drive to find good restaurants. There seemed to be a lot of I interesting things do and the smells from the barbecues and other restaurants provided some diverse and welcoming olfactory experiences.

It was just the view.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Montgomery, AL

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