Friday, July 14, 2017

My Take: White House Sideshow

Upon returning from vacation, I was saddened to learn that the circus sideshow that has become the White House continues unabated.

The continuing news about the Russia investigation and entanglements is making the entire American system the laughing stock of the world. 

The bigger problem is that the focus upon the disclosures and allegations is distracting us and the news media from the real news happening around the world. 

We: the news media, people, and government of the United States, have become so inwardly focused that we are ineffectively dealing with activities around the world. When damage control becomes the main diplomatic activity of the day, then we have become totally reactionary and are not setting policy and pushing programs and focusing the direction of the world.

The inward focus means that the United States has effectively abrogated its world leadership and allowing other countries are setting the direction and respond to international issues while the U.S. deals with its internal crisis.  

We need to set policy, not be totally in the respond mode to other's actions.

My Take: The Sideshow that has become the White House needs to end and the business of governing must begin.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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