Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Musings - July 17, 2017

Palm Trees Before the Storm
Tequesta, Florida
1. It is hard to believe that more than half of July is complete! Summer is running away. 

2. The Orioles at the mid-season turn have become a major disappointment. They surrendered 27 runs in three games while scoring 11, but 8 of the 11 were in one game. The team lacks pitching and batting! Changes must be made!

3. Sitting around the pool on a hot, Sunday afternoon is not the same as being in the pool.

4. Getting back into the swing of life is hard after being away for two glorious weeks.

I'd Rather be Golfing
Compass Pointe
July 15, 2017
5. Is it easier to watch kids or dogs while their parents/owners are away?

6. With the Orioles collapsing, did I mention that the NFL resumes in a few short weeks? Unfortunately, the Ravens do not look to be contenders either.

7. Three boys and three dogs equals chaos.


Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails - The New York Times

Exodus From a Historic Puerto Rican Town, With No End in Sight - The New York Times

The country’s flood insurance program is sinking. Rescuing it won’t be easy. - The Washington Post

Trump is killing the Republican Party - The Washington Post

Quote for the Week

"You know, someone wisely said that a hero isn't really braver than anyone else; he's just brave 5 minutes longer than anyone else."
Ronald Reagan
Remarks to Marine Corps Basic Training Graduates in Parris Island, South Carolina, June 4, 1986
-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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