Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Musings - February 20, 2017

Blue Sky over Buttermilk Falls
Ithaca, NY
1. Happy Presidents' Day. Go celebrate somewhere.

2. Blue. Despite all of the brown vegetation and white snow, a blue sky can make me smile.

3. Baseball season is underway. Spring Training games begin this week.

4. Why does driving long distances not excite me the way it used to?

5. There is something about ice on a lake that just says: cold.

6. I enjoyed watching the Genesis Golf Tournament on TV this weekend. There definitely was a lot of green all around the course.

7. Does anyone have a copy of the Bill of Rights? I think some in the White House need a review of the First Amendment.

8. I shoveled about three shovels full of snow and ice this weekend. That is my total shoveling effort for the season so far. Will I be lucky?

9. I have reservations for my next beach vacation. It is coming not soon enough.

10. As I am driving through the Pennsylvania countryside I am imagining trees with green leaves and lush fields.

-- Bob Doan, somewhere on Route 15 in Pennsylvania

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