Thursday, February 16, 2017

Late for Summer

Here I am, in the deep mid-winter, just past Ground Hog Day, and I found out that I am already behind in planning my summer vacation! Ugh!

Some people I know are already planning 2018! I guess they are true planners. Ready for almost anything. I don't even have a date set to open my pool this year and they are planning a vacation for next year.

I have trouble getting excited about vacation planning in the middle of the winter. I have planned a Spring-break get away, but the thought of trying to find a warm sandy beach with palm trees somewhere in the Caribbean was almost paralyzing. 

Some Beach, Somewhere
As I got into the process I was appalled by the costs! The price of escapism is truly rising at an astronomic rate.

Ideally, I would find a quiet Caribbean island somewhere and stay there for three weeks. Not gonna happen. So then a land/sea vacation was considered. Probably, that is the final solution. Some time on the water sitting on the balcony outside my stateroom on some cruise ship and then a week or more on a sunny (Florida) beach. 

So much for a Caribbean get away. But a get away is still a distinct possibility.

Here's hoping for a frozen drink in my hand under a palm tree on a sunny and warm beach somewhere. Soon!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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