Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dawn through the Windshield

Day Breaks February 10, 2017
Yesterday morning as I made my way to work, the scene of the breaking dawn outside my windshield was spectacular.

I am a dawn person. I love sitting on a beach watching the sunrise over the ocean. When on a long trip that begins during the wee hours of the morning, I love being behind the wheel as dawn breaks across the the landscape and the darkness gives way to the light.

Yesterday was no exception. I had just finished playing a disappointing match of racquetball at the club and was on my way to work when the sight of the breaking dawn met my eyes. It was fabulous. The reflection of the red colors from the still-below-the-horizon sun off the clouds was stunning. I just had to record the moment and I did. I was able to snap a quick image to help etch the scene in my mind. The headlights of the oncoming cars can be see stretched out as if running from the breaking light. 

Sadly, there is a streak on my windshield that mars the image--but it was a spur of the moment shot.

And now, that day has passed and another dawn has arrived.

But, I have the memory and the image to help me remember.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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