Friday, November 18, 2016

Season of the Turkey

Guarding the Fireplace
It is the Season of the Turkey, the short about four week span between Halloween and Black Friday.

I have been neglecting my turkeys this year. They are on display, but with the election and the weekend trip to California, I just haven to been in the turkey mood.

And now Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  The Season of the Turkey will be over and the headlong rush to Christmas will begin.

My favorite turkey guards the fireplace to ensure that the guy in red does not make an early visit. This turkey was actually one of the first in my collection and I still remember the day at the flea market in Center Township, PA, when I found and came home with this turkey. It has been very durable and spends eleven months every year in the attic waiting for the Season of the Turkey when it becomes the centerpiece of the display.

Door Topper
The door topper is a turkey project that I made, with the help of Chris. It was one of the first projects that I did on my Shopsmith. 

I enjoy putting the turkey door topper over the entrance to the house over the protestations of my family because it sets the tone for the season. 

As I approach the last weekend of the Season of the Turkey, the impending season will begin to push into the living space. This weekend is Snow Village weekend, when the village is unpacked and comes to life yet again. 

But, the turkeys will be watching from their safe vantage points as the transition to another season begins and their time in the spotlight begins to wane.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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