Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Musings - November 21, 2016

1. Thanksgiving is Thursday! Yay for Turkey!

2. An incredible weather change occurred over the weekend going from a high Saturday of 73 degrees to about 45 degrees on Sunday. Brrr.

Snow Village 2016
3. It was Snow Village weekend. The 2016 edition is up and lighted  and ready to usher in the holidays. 

4. It is amazing that we begin putting up decorations well in advance of the coming season.

5. "America is strong, stronger than the critics think. But then, for more than 200 years, when you've added things up that's the answer you've come up with. There is a power in America that has always seemed to surprise the critics and to carry our nation through, even when we in Washington stumbled. It's a power that comes not from government, but from towns and farms, from neighborhoods, schools, and churches all over America. It's the might and wisdom of a free people in a free land." --Ronald Reagan
Remarks to Local Business Leaders at a White House Briefing on Deficit Reduction, November 30, 1987

Riordin in a Bag of Snow Village Snow
6. On this date in 1620, the Pilgrims reached America. If you think about it, what a dismal time to try and start off with almost nothing in a new land. 

7. Cats are interesting creatures. Riordin likes to get into things and we have to be careful to ensure he gets out.

8. Can you believe that Black Friday sales have already begun?

9. There is nothing new about fake news--disinformation has always been around.

10. Take it slow and keep your wits about you as the week progresses.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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