Friday, July 1, 2016

Welcome July

It is with great fanfare that I announce the start of the uniquely summer month of July!

July has arrived. Hail Caesar!

Cue the beach, waves, sand, surf, and fireworks!

After a Springtime that was so cold and rainy that I thought summer would never arrive, July has finally moved onto the scene as the year 2016 slides into the second half of its run.

The weather, lately, has been almost idyllic with limited rain and moderate temperatures.

The vacation season is upon us and my plans are pretty well set.

The month gets off to a great start with Independence Weekend--the holiday with a bang! It is great when Independence Day coincides with a weekend. That will not happen again until 2020 since the holiday will fall on mid-week days for the next three years.

Not to get too far ahead of the action, let's stick to the weekend at hand. 

Drive safely, if you handle fireworks do not over imbibe alcohol, and generally be responsible.

Enjoy the 4th, and better yet--enjoy July. Did I mention that July is my favorite month of the year? I wish that July would never end or that I could live in the land of perpetual summer.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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