Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sports Day Saturday

My Saturdays are often devoted to sporting activities--usually for the grandsons.

Manny Machado Gnome at Home
Yesterday was a different Saturday.

I played golf in the morning and attended a long Orioles game in the afternoon.

I spent five hours golfing (including travel) and five hours at the orioles game (including travel). 

10 hours of sports related activities.

My Fitbit recorded over 20,000 steps--and I didn't even try!

Some Fans Dressed as Gnomes
The golf game was a bit ragged yesterday. I am a much better player in the afternoon it seems. It was a great day on the course, until the sun decided to come out with a vengeance and it just got incredibly hot! One of the highlights of the round was a goose honking vociferously at Jeremy after he hit a ball too close to it. The goose was indignant! We just laughed.

The Orioles late-afternoon game was fun! It was Manny Machado garden gnome day. Everyone attending the game got a gnome. Fortunately, our seats were in the shade given the 4:05 PM start. It was a hot, slow baseball game that officially took 3 hours and 14 minutes to play in the hear. Over 43,000 fans were in attendance to see the Orioles grind out a 3-2 win! And it was a grind.

I love Saturdays like this one! 

--Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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