Thursday, July 21, 2016

Enjoying the Summer

Hazy Dog Days Sunset
Walking outside of the building after a long day of working in an air conditioned environment is an experience that I enjoy. 

I feel a sense of impending freedom from the workday and as I approach the glass doors I try to imagine what will greet me as I step into the outside world.

I dislike the frigid slap in the face of the winter. 

Last week in California, I did not particularly enjoy to cool September-like air that greeted me and made me put on a jacket to maintain my comfort. It was July after all.

Yesterday, I realized that I love walking into the outside and being enveloped in a warm and moist environment that greets me like an old friend and guides me deep into the summer heat.

Yes, I love it.

On a real summer day, I can see the moist heat before I step outside. The haze hanging in the air is a sure sign that I will be warmly greeted as I cross the threshold and head for my car.

There have been far too many cold days this year.

The smells of the summer are everywhere--the mowed grass baking in the sun, the earth. the scent of heat hanging in the air.

It is the dog days, let's enjoy them. They will be gone too quickly.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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