Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stifling Celebrations

Baltimore Fireworks
Having survived the fourth, and the celebrations that are associated with it--I was reminded that it isn't really a party unless the police show up.

Last evening Howard County decided that it was more important to send police officers around to neighborhoods and visit with homeowners in their backyards enjoying a celebratory 4th of July rather than doing crowd control at the huge displays or ensuring that the highways are safe from inebriated drivers.
Baltimore's Fireworks

Think about it. Small family groups  staying away from the crowds, not having to drive, secure in their neighborhood backyards with family and friends, and not burdening the public safety system drew a response that progressively caused the multitude of private fireworks displays visible around my house to disappear. It was sad and misplaced. A definite damper on the celebration of our nation's independence.

According to an article about the history of fireworks titled, The Rockets' Red, White, and Blue Glare, they have been used since 1777 to celebrate Independence Day and by 1783 a large variety of fireworks were available to the public. 

Private citizens can own a firearms but cannot celebrate our nation's independence with fireworks in their own backyards.

This needs to be changed.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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