Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Take--Money Talks, but Trump needs to Walk

I was shocked about what presidential candidate Donald Trump said about John McCain and his service record
Trump--The Angry Man

Someone who holds so little regard for the military and military service and especially for someone who suffered intolerable injustices and remained faithful, should never be endowed with the title Commander in Chief. Period.

By the way, Trump's military service record consists of a string of deferments.

When too much money talks without filters we can dismiss the ignorance; however, should a president speak like that on the world political stage, then wars start.

Ignorance must never be tolerated. We can choose to disagree, but an intolerant and insensitive bully should never become president.

I liked his direct speak in the beginning, but the veneer has been stripped away and it is clear the Trump, the man, has become a legend in his own mind.

Ruth Marcus, columnist for the Washington Post, wrote a piece yesterday titled Donald Trump and the anger of conservatives,  describing the Trump phenomenon and why he will never become president. 

I hope she is right. The man apparently appeals to the deep, dark side of the electorate--a reaction to everything that is wrong with our country by blaming it on someone or something. His plans to rejuvenate the country are to build a wall! Really? I almost believe that his next big reform idea will to start a war with Mexico to revive the economy. 

"Speaking to a gathering of Libertarians in Las Vegas before headlining an event in Phoenix, Trump repeated his charge that Mexico was sending violent offenders to the U.S. to harm Americans and that U.S. officials were being "dumb" in dealing with immigrants in the country illegally." This was reported in The Times-Picayune

There is history here of which we must be aware. Extreme reactionists get elected because they appeal to those who do not understand the deeper issues facing the country and the world. They have a knack for blaming our problems on others and then promising to get rid of the others. 

The problems do not go away, they only get worse.

Trump is not the answer, he is part of the problem.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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