Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whether the Weather

I checked the thermometer this morning as I was making my coffee. 

The temperature was 41 degrees. Amazing what a few days can do. Last week at this time we were struggling with single-digit morning temperatures and the threat of snow which materialized in a big way. 

Today the temperature is supposed to hit 65 and the rain has stopped. 

I think Spring is arriving! 

Just Sunday, Makayla was rolling in the snow--she loves the snow, and today it is mostly gone and what remains is more ice than snow!

The snow is melting and I am going to check the gardens this afternoon for signs of buds peeking through the ground.

It is amazing how a little sunshine and a springtime rain can change the mood of the entire region.

I'm in a good mood, too!

Days until Spring Begins: 9
Days until Orioles Opening Day: 26
Days until Orioles Home Opener: 30
Days until the Pool is Opened: 42 (est.)

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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