Tuesday, March 31, 2015

D.C. on a Spring Day

V-2 Rocket in National Air and Space Museum
A Spring-like Day during Spring Break was what greeted me yesterday. Who could ask for more? Really?

The day provided the perfect opportunity to sojourn into D.C. and show the sights to visiting family who were attempting to escape the frozen northlands.

Washington Monument
First up was the National Air and Space Museum, of course. I had been told that it was the most visited museum in the world, however, according to the best information that I could find, it is number three behind the Louvre in Paris and the National Museum of Natural History, which is across the National Mall from the Air and Space Museum. 

It turned out that many, many other people had the same idea about spending a bright and sunny day in our nation's capital. It was a busy day. I reconnected with many of the exhibits that I enjoy and I always learn something new. The visit even helped me answer a Jeopardy question by reminding me of events associated with the Battle of Midway

Walking around D.C. to see the famous structures was enjoyable. The blue skies and white puffy clouds made a perfect backdrop for the images. If only the leaves had been on the trees or the cherry blossoms had been in bloom. 
The White House

The White House was there as well as the Lincoln Memorial. I had forgotten that the Reflecting Pool is being reconstructed and it was mostly empty--marring the view to which I have become so accustomed. 
Lincoln Memorial with empty Reflecting Pool

Someone asked me where the fences around The White House were, as they are not evident in my image. I'm leaning on them to get the shot. But beware--there are a lot of fences and guarded areas around The White House that impeded foot traffic and automobiles as well--be ready to walk a lot to get to the spot where I took my image! 

There is always a lot of walking when I visit D.C.  It just seems that I like to walk to get from one place to another. 

But the day was pleasant. There is a lot of construction underway on the National Mall which does impede foot traffic--but on a beautiful Spring day, who really cares? It was fun to be outside enjoying the sights and the other people who were also enjoying the beauty of our nation's capital!

I truly enjoyed getting outside for the day and reconnecting with the sights which are essentially right in my own backyard.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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