Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reflections on the 2015 Spring Training Trip

A sunny Florida March 2015 afternoon
 at McKetchnie Field in Bradenton
It is over. 

I wandered through the front door of the house about 9:30 PM last evening completing my four day 2015 Spring Training trip to Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida.

It was awesome to escape the cold of the north. The temperature this morning when I woke up at home showed 25 degrees on my thermometer. That is one third the average temperature that I experienced in Florida and it is about 61 degrees below the maximum temperature I enjoyed while not getting sunburned.
New Banner at Ed Smith Stadium

On the Orioles:

They look good. Solid. There was a lot of hustle and the pitching looks very strong. The hitting is coming around, but I am concerned about the fielding. I saw our starting third baseman commit two errors in one game--he seemed too casual making the plays.

I saw one starter really look in control yesterday! I was disappointed by our closer who had an off day and allowed two runs to score--but, overall he looked good.
Sharing the course with a Sand Crane

On Florida:

Great weather, good food, awesome golf courses and of course palm trees. Add that together with baseball and it is a recipe for fantastic! I do have to admit the traffic around Tampa at 5pm on a Tuesday evening was awful! I almost did not make it to the airport for my flight. The backup exceeded 10 miles--and it crawled.

Did I mention the critters? There were animals everywhere. It was refreshing to see so much wildlife--including more than one alligator and a snapping turtle that was taking a leisurely stroll across one golf course. The sand cranes were everywhere almost like the deer that populate on course I play near home.
Jeremy at the Tee

On Golf:

Golfing in Florida was a great experience. I'm glad that the northern courses do not have as much water. Seriously, I don't think I saw a water hazard that I couldn't put at least one ball into. Sometimes three or four. Yet, the courses were tough , but fair and fun! 

There is something awesome about having the first tee time of the day on a golf course and watching the sun wake the world for another day. Especially when it is warm and there is not a frost delay.

April is coming and I surely hope the temperatures begin to warm. I am anxious for baseball and warm summer afternoons--more so now that I have experienced a glimpse of what lies ahead from my short trip to the warm south.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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