Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pharmacies Problems and Prescriptions

It only took three trips and one phone call back to the doctor's office to get the three medicines that had been prescribed.

Fortunately, I live only two miles from the neighborhood Rite Aid--but the level of insanity associated with the process was incredible.

Leaving the doctor's office after the procedure, three prescriptions were provided. One had to be taken in paper form and the other two were phoned/faxed into the pharmacy. Upon arriving at the pharmacy--the two that had been sent ahead had not arrived. Ugh!
Elkridge, MD, Rite Aid

It happens all of the time, I know that. I should just get paper prescriptions from the doctors for all of the medications.

That the prescriptions failed to arrive at the pharmacy meant that I had to call to the doctor's office--now closed, and then via the after hours number have the the prescribing physician contacted to get them retransmitted.

This stuff is not rocket science! Why can't simple prescriptions transit cyber space and arrive promptly at the pharmacy for processing? Sadly, this is not an isolated instance, because it has been this way for years at this pharmacy. 

I am stuck with using this pharmacy as my insurance only uses Rite Aid to fill prescriptions in my area. Fortunately it is close--but, three trips for prescriptions? How inefficient is that? 

The must be a better way.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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