Sunday, February 15, 2015

5 year olds on a soccer ball--It's true

Lucas (#20) with the Soccer Ball
I attended a youth soccer game in which Lucas, my youngest grandson, was playing yesterday.

I had a great time being reminded that the phrase "5 year olds on a soccer ball" is still as true as it ever was. 

The game occurred in an elementary school gym with no seating and so the parents were arrayed along the playing field and had the task of moving the soccer ball back onto the field of play and into the crushing mass of 5-7 year old humanity when the ball went out of bounds. 

Play was stopped only for goals, injuries, and when the ball landed on the back of the goal. 

It was great fun. Lucas is just five years old and hence was the youngest player on the floor, squeaking in just under the age wire. It shows in his play. He is wearing #20 and I took a few videos, much to the chagrin of his Dad, on my iPhone for posterity!

This was my second youth sporting event of the day, as I had earlier watched Ethan play basketball, and later today will be attending Jackson's game. 

Youth sports is a lot more entertaining that some professional sports.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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