Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Forces of Darkness and Anarchy

The news of the day yesterday was appalling and a clear confirmation that the Islamic State's (ISIL, ISIS) inhumanity and barbarism is beyond anything seen on the planet in decades. Anyone who has a different interpretation has clearly not been reading the news or understanding the magnitude of the murders and slaughter of innocents occurring in the region.

The Washington Post article titled, Islamic State’s killing of pilot, depicted in video, spurs calls for revenge in Jordan covers the story.  A captured Jordanian pilot was forces to walk a gauntlet of heavily armed militarists to the place where he was to be executed in a cage by being burned to death. And then we discover that the execution occurred a month ago and that the Islamic State attempted negotiations for his release after his death.

Almost no day goes by when some new atrocity is not reported coming from that region of the world. The toll mounts even in light of the military response by the United States and other allied nations committed to eradicating the threat to peace loving people everywhere.

The impact of these barbaric acts is on the region is becoming clearer. In Jordan, the populace was beginning to wonder why the country was supporting the United States's coalition--after all it wasn't their conflict. The attitude in Jordan has changed the country retaliated overnight by executing two terrorists as reported this morning in the NY Times

I am concerned that the news media is not fully reporting the travesties occurring in the Levant. The sensational events get coverage--but if one diligently digs through the news there is so much more occurring and we need to be informed. We need to understand that hundreds of people are dying, being imprisoned, and tortured at the hands of ISIL and most of these people are peace loving Muslims. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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