Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Musings - August 25, 2014

1. The last week of August has arrived. This week ends with Labor Day and a planned trip to the beach to allow me to put my toes in the water and butt in the sand.
Jeremy in the Golf Cart on a
Beautiful Sunday Morning

2. I played golf again yesterday. I'm thinking there isn't a much better way to start the day than whacking at a little ball with a club and and talking to my son for over two hours while walking in the morning light as the day dawns. 

3. A couple of small projects on a rainy Saturday helps to keep everything in perspective.

4. I don't understand the news media creation of a story around the President's vacation. President's never vacation. The country isn't being run by the Vice President--the President is still running the country. There is enough real news out there to report, let's stop making up stories.

5. Three boys, a sunny afternoon, and a pool. Nothing but fun.

6. I sat outside the other evening and just etched into my mind the view of the trees around my yard in full leaf. As the summer drawns down, I know that the leaves will soon fall and the privacy we enjoy will be gone.

7. I wonder how many brown bats live near us--we only see about five at a time circling in the evening sky.

8. I can tell that summer is coming to an end, the number of frogs in the pool is declining.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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