Friday, August 22, 2014

Cruising into the Weekend

Friday has arrived--for some it is the happiest day of the workweek, although, for me is is one of the busiest days as I try to finish all of the projects that I planned to accomplish. I often work later on Fridays than other days simply because so many others depart early to get a start on the weekend and in the quiet of the office I can finally turn my attention to he really important projects that have been languishing in my "to do" pile all week.
My Golf Team with two additions for Good Luck
Mike Kasel, Mike Haslup, Chris Doan, Me,
Jodie Meyers, Jeremy Doan

This has been a different week. I began the week, on Sunday, playing in my first ever golf tournament, the Troy Whittemore Classic,  and I have not been able to play racquetball--which I dearly hope changes next week and that I can get back onto the court.

Chris's summer vacation ended as she returned to work and that has added stress to life with the changing schedules. She will get into a groove soon, but probably not next week as the kids return. 

I remember those first day of the school year days. There was excitement and trepidation and sadness. Excitement about seeing friends with whom I had lost contact with over the summer. Trepidation about the start of a new school year and the stress and learning that accompanied it. And then there was profound sadness that summer vacation had ended. I loved summer and summer vacation was the best. 

Summer is not over--I keep having to remind myself of that. Fortunately, August has turned up the heat a bit and reminded me of that with a bit of humidity to accompany the incessant rains we seem to be experiencing. 

Enjoy the day and the weekend. For those of us who work M-F, it is time for a Happy Hour to celebrate the arrival of the weekend with good friends!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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