Wednesday, August 27, 2014

59 Years to Retirement

Yesterday, we celebrated the career of one of senior members of the organization for which I work. He has posted 59 years of Federal service and 55 years of working for the agency.

I can hardly imagine working for 59 years in the same profession.

Think about it. 59 years ago ballistic missiles were still much like the German V-2 rockets. Space was still not explored--it was about 57 years ago (October 1957) that the Russians orbited Sputnik.

Consider some things about 1955.

Cell phones? They were imaginary items in the Dick Tracey cartoons.

Microwaves? Really? HF was the best for radios. Nobody was cooking with them.

Man on the moon was a Flash Gordon Saturday afternoon movie. 

Color TV? Was a dream.

Computers? Very rudimentary room sized mechanical and vacuum tube affairs.

I was thinking of all of the things we use routinely today that didn't exist in 1955 when he joined the Air Force. Wow. 

I guess the biggest fear of retirement is missing all of the exciting things that have happened since he has been working. 

And now--he is on to the next chapter of life. I hope to be there in the not too distant future. Writing the next chapter of life day-by-day, but still remembering and amazed by all that has happened since I have been a working-age adult.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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