Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekends Sports Warrior

Some people are weekend warriors because they participate in strenuous sports on the weekends and not during the week. I have friends who play basketball or football, or even baseball risking life and limb during the precious few hours allotted to us to enjoy the weekend.

I guess that is the exactly the opposite for me. I play racquetball during the week and like to relax and participate in sports differently on the weekends. 

On the Baseball Diamond--Saturday Morning
Last weekend was an example of my weekend warrior sports activities.  Saturday started off bright and early on the baseball diamond with Jax. I not only get to watch Jax play baseball, but I am one of the coaches for his team--so I get to participate as well. Trying to keep four and five year olds interested in baseball can be challenging when there are many more interesting things to do with the dirt on the ground. Jax is the player just beyond Number 5 in the foreground. 

It was an idyllic late springtime morning. Where better to be?

Sunday was similar, in that I got my dose of sports by watching Ethan play his final lacrosse game of the season--who knew it was over already?

Ethan is Number 21, and he plays an awesome defense. He got to play some midfielder during this game and he didn't enjoy that as much--he really enjoys the defense and it showed as they almost shut out the opposing team, allowing only one score. Usually he wears bright orange socks so we can find him easier on the field.

After the game? It was off to the pool for relaxation and fun during the sunny afternoon. And did I mention the Orioles? Well, they won and we watched the end of that game as well.

I am truly a weekend sports warrior--even though I am not playing, I am still participating.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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