Friday, June 27, 2014

Out the Hotel Window - Schenectady, NY

Schenectady, NY from my Hotel Window
Where? Yes, Schenectady, NY. A city in upstate New York in the vicinity of Albany. It is our first trip to Schenectady, although Chris and I have known of the city for a long time. 

We are here this to celebrate a wedding and completed the thankfully uneventful trip yesterday. Although it looked like rain for most of the day, it was thankfully dry with the exception of a small stretch running through the Catskill Mountains as we were passing an exit marked for something to do with Rip Van Winkle. Aside form that, the weather has been outstanding and beautiful--which is especially important since the wedding is an outdoor ceremony this evening. 
State Street, Schenectady, NY

Our hotel is located in the heart of the business district. Schenectady is an old looking city which is desperately trying to reinvent itself to compete with the Shopping Mall society. 

Overall I have found the city to be clean and efforts to maintain it are evident, but there are many vacant business locations. But, there is an abundance to restaurants and bistros which offer an amazing variety of foods. While we were out walking last evening, we happened upon a small ceremony for one business and the mayor was reading a proclamation of service to the business owner--that was something I have not run across before in my travels.

We are looking forward to exploring the region today and learning more about the history and sampling some of the shopping possibilities. We have already noted that the unique Upstate NY practice of celebrating the Fourth of July on any date other than the date itself is alive and strong here. The small town of Scotia, NY, is having their fireworks display this evening. Scotia, lies between our hotel and the wedding location meaning that an alternate route must be found. Fortunately, I have discovered one.

I love a good adventure.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Schenectady, NY 

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