Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hockey, Basketball and Summer

Winter sports are finally ending and moving off the stage in time for summer.

Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings celebrates with the Stanley cup after the Kings 3-2 double overtime victory over the New York Rangers in Game 5 at Staples Center, Friday.

Photograph by: Harry How, Getty Images , The Canadian Press

Last night, or more accurately, this early (as in wee hours) morning, the Los Angeles Kings won Lord Stanley's Cup and returned as Champions for the second time in three seasons. This would not hardly garner a passing mention in my blog except for my newly discovered connection to the Kings. Their Captain, Dustin Brown, grew up and played high school hockey in my hometown and is a huge local sports hero. He even brought the Stanley Cup to Ithaca during the last Championship and cemented his place as a true hero. And so--congratulations to the Kings, to Dustin and to everyone who follows the Kings, they are a class act. 

On to the other winter sport which is slowly and painfully grinding to an end, NBA Basketball. The San Antonio Spurs (often abbreviated SAS which confuses me because that means Special Air Service) have a commanding 3-1 game lead over the thuggish Miami Heat. A few weeks ago I read a story about the difference in support for the Sours versus the Heat. If this were an election, 49 states would vote for the Spurs and only one, Florida, would vote for the Heat. This series could, thankfully, be over Sunday night allowing summer sports to finally assume their rightful place on the pedestal before the monolithic and uncompromising NFL returns to suck the life out of fans everywhere.

I am satisfied with the Kings' victory and I can now completely focus upon Baseball--which is my true sports addiction.

Summer is here and it's baseball time. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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