Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who Loves the Snow?

Makayla in the Snow
One of my readers has accused me of writing too much about the snow. I stand convicted! I would prefer to write about warm sandy beaches--but there aren't any near me. The snow is ubiquitous and unending, it seems. Untile the snow had finally and completely departed there can be ". . . no joy in Mudville."

Yesterday I determined that one member of my family actually loves the snow. Makayla!

Although not technically a snow dog, like a huskie, she does have a double coat and she seems to love being out in the snow. The only time she asked to go out and just play and not perform some bodily function is during snow events. 
As the Storm Begins

Fortunately, the storm under performed yesterday. We were expecting up to 9 inches of fresh, while snow and received only about 5.

Yay. Less to shovel.

The bigger problem this morning are the record setting frigid temperatures. The record for the area is 5 degrees and at my house this morning the thermometer reads 5.4 degrees with still an hour to go before dawn.

That is too cold for Makayla. Too cold for me. Although, I am headed out in a few minutes to risk life and limb on the racquetball court. 

Hopefully, this will be my last blog about snow for the season, except to write that it has finally and completely departed and been replaced by green grass and flowers.  Time will tell.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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