Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Taste of Springtime

How do I know when Springtime has arrived? 

Signs--I see the signs. 

I noticed some of them yesterday. 

For instance, despite the incredible cold weather the tulip poplars are beginning to bud as are many other trees and shrubs. Flowers are beginning to poke their heads above the ground again to start the growing and flowering process.

But one of the sure signs of Springtime is when I willingly head out to the grill to prepare dinner and I don't need to bundle into a heavy coat for protection from the cold. Last evening, that sign arrived. I cooked on the grill and did not have to bundle against the cold. While it was only in the 50's, I can tell that Spring is coming. 

It has been almost six weeks since the Pennsylvania rodent, who shall remain nameless, forecast six more weeks of Winter. It is time for the seasonal change to begin if his forecast is true.

And it has. Today is forecast to reach 68 degrees. Tomorrow is forecast for 70! OK, Thursday's high is set for 32 degrees--but at least the general trend is in the right direction.

And what direction is that? 

In my book, that direction is for beach weather! Break out the swimming suits and sunscreen.

Enjoy the day.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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