Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Finally Arrives

After the snow--my yard is mud. Ugh! It rained most all of the day yesterday, but in addition to the mud there was a secret reward waiting under the snow!


My lawn is beginning to revive from its slumber and change to green. Had I not known that just 48 hours before it had been covered with almost 7 inches of snow, I would have thought that April's showers had arrived two weeks early.

But, that was not the case--Winter is clinging to the weather patterns with every ounce of its ability. The lawn, however, provides evidence that Winter's grip is weakening despite the snowy forecast for next week!

Next up? Flowers? Leaves? 

I suppose that I shouldn't rush things too much. But I do feel the need to start the lawn tractor and get the first mowing of the season completed. At this rate, maybe in a couple of weeks. 

Just as a reminder, the Springtime countdown:

Days until Spring: 0 (Today at 12:57 PM EDT)
Days until I hug a palm tree in Florida: 0 (Today at 5:30 PM EDT)
Days until Pool Opening: 43 (May 3)

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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