Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The longest day continued

Well the day just doesn't seem to end. I'm feeling every bit of the hours of travel. I am encouraged though as my watch, for the first time in two weeks is set to eastern daylight time.

The plane has been airborne now for almost two hours. The end of the journey is insight.

If you think about it, travelers have longer and shorter than 24-hour days all the time. Just not to the extreme that I am experiencing today.
I am trying not to sleep to help drag myself through the 14 hours of time change easier. And its not that hard because it is 10am according to my internal clock. It took every bit of four days to feel normal when I flew out. Hopefully it won't take that long on the way back.

Just an aside. As I look at my watch in flight somewhere over the cloud covered U.S., I note that I boarded my first flight of the day in Canberra 24 hours ago exactly.

I think I will remember September 17, 2008 for a very long time.

But I know who is waiting for me at the other end, and it is all worth it.

Bob Doan
Elkridge, MD
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