Sunday, September 7, 2008

An Evening Under the Stars

Monday evening last week, amidst the business of life, Chris and I took and evening out to sit and enjoy watching night fall from the comfort of our back yard.

We have an awesome yard--complete with pool and deck and now a fire pit. We enjoyed a bottle of wine, listened and watched a Neil Diamond concert from 1976 on the laptop and lit many candles and as well as the fire pit to set the mood and to drive away the bugs.

It was an awesome experience it, to just take a timeout to reconnect about life. We listened to the night sounds and watched bats skim the pool for water.

Did life stop? No. But we connected on levels that we hadn't connected on in some time. We were able to discuss at length some things which we have only been touching the surface of due to our rat race lives--and it was good.

God provided a perfect evening, and we were able to enjoy it.

I highly recommend timeout evenings. We find time for so many things--it was really great to find time for each other.

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