Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to get more than 24 hours in a day! For Real!

So I've finally figured out how to get more than 24 hours into a day! I'm writing this as I sit in San Francisco airport waiting for my next flight to leave at the end of a 12 day, 9 flight trip.

It is truly magic associated with travel. Today is September 17, 2008 and this morning I woke up in Canberra, Australia. I left Canberra at 10:10 am aboard a Qantas flight for Sydney and I arrived there at 11:00 am. It was a short 50 minute flight.

Then at about 3PM I left Sydney aboard a United Airlines 747 for San Francisco. It was a 13 hour flight over the Pacific Ocean. I arrived in San Francisco at 11:10 am -- on the same date--September 17th. I arrived before I left. It was kinda funny, when they announced the local San Fran time of 11:10 am Sept 17th--someone (it may have been me) piped up and said you mean--still Sept 17th. Lots of laughs ensued in the cabin.

OK--but the day doesn't end there! No--another flight leaving San Fran at about 3 PM for Baltimore (and thankfully home) which arrives shortly after 11 PM.

So if you add it all up. I think that from midnight the start of the 17th, to midnight the start of the 18th, I will have experiences about a 37 hour day. And of that, I will have had an airplane strapped to my bottom for about 19 hours. That leaves 10 hours at the start of the day till the airport in Canberra, plus about 3 hours in Sydney waiting, plus 4 in San Fran, and then one to finish the day in Baltimore. I think it all adds up. With actual times it may be closer to 38 hours.

But-- the point is--when someone says that it is impossible to get more than 24 hours in a day--now you know the truth!

I'm hopeful of getting some reviews of hotels and restaurants completed in the next couple weeks. There are some definitely good places to stay if you are contemplating a trip to Australia--and the eating is really good.

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