Thursday, September 19, 2019

Palm Tree at Night

Palm Tree at Night
Wailea, Maui
September 18, 2019
Chris and I walked along the ocean front last evening and found a place to sit and look out into the blackness. The surf was pounding the shore with a regular rhythmic sound and the stars were shining brightly above us. We confirmed the location of Jupiter with the assistance of an app on my cell phone. 

As we were laying there, on the bench looking at the stars, I decided, with the encouragement from Chris, to take an image of the palm tree stretching up into the night sky. There were stars in the sky and ti was a memorable scene. There was maybe too much ground light. 

I turned on the flash to get a better picture, but the lack of light meant the scene was recorded in a grainy fashion, but the palm tree towered above us as we marveled at the night sky.

And so the scene was captured.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Wailea, Maui 

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