Thursday, September 5, 2019

Another Thursday Orioles Update

The 2019 MLB season is thankfully drawing to a close for the hapless Orioles. They have had moments of excitement, but mostly have performed dismally. 

The Orioles still are the 29th best team in baseball with a record of 46-93 .331. They are on track to lose 108 games at this point. I had predicted they would lose 105 at the beginning of the season. 

For the month of August the Orioles were 9-19 including both a 6 and a 7 game losing streak. It was dismal. The only bright  spot was a three game winning streak. The fortunes of baseball have not changed with the new month as the team has started 1-3, while showing some incredible ineptitude on the base paths. 

The Orioles are doing some very creative marketing to get people into the stadium. I saw one ad which offered $30 for access to all of September's games! Wow. 

Well, I still don't want to go. This is not the Orioles team that I wanted to see. It is the nadir of the franchise. 

Well, and I love this classic baseball phrase, there is always next season.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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