Saturday, June 9, 2018

It is Finished

The GORC Dodgers after a game this season
The season ended last evening for the GORC Dodgers with a crushing playoff loss. The boys played hard, but came up short against the juggernaut Cardinals who get to play for the league championship today. Congrats to them and here's hoping they win the championship. They were definitely the better team last evening.

I was pleased with the gritty play of the Dodgers, even when they got behind early, again. The boys stayed in the game because in baseball, it is not over until the final out. 

Mike and Me with our All Stars
I could tell that the guys were really committed to giving it their all, but we just came up short on a couple of tough plays. Jax came back from taking a nasty pitch off his hip and was able to pitch an impressive inning of baseball. That is real determination.  

On the highlight reel, however, there was a fantastic play which caught the baserunner at third napping for an out which was a definite high point of the game. What made it even better was that it was a play we had practiced and it earned the team ice cream at the end of year party. 

It was a great season and I am still in shock that after three months of "all baseball all the time" that it is over. I have been living and breathing baseball almost to the exclusion of other things in my non-work life. It was fun to coach with Mike again and watch each of the boys develop as baseball players. I thin this year was fun because we began to run and call plays from the bench and not just watch the boys react to the baseball.

I guess I can now focus on yard work and house projects can begin without distraction.

It was a great season. I miss it already.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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