Sunday, December 3, 2017

December Musings

The season continues to race by. 

Finnegan Admiring the Tree
Chris and I have finally, mostly, completed decorating the house for the season. The second tree was completed yesterday and the boxes of decorations are now empty. 

Although it should be time to relax and enjoy the season, the buying and gifting is now ramping up to a fevered pitch. And then there is the issue of the Christmas cards, or are we sending New Year's cards this year. I guess we still haven't decided. 

Moon over Elkridge
December 2, 2017
In the exciting news department at least we have a new tax plan. Sadly, I expect to pay more. I firmly believe that I am in the group targeted to pay more in order that the truly rich can get a tax break. Perhaps people who actually pay taxes should write the tax laws. Now if Congress can pass a Continuing Resolution, or a budget, to keep the government running past next Friday it will be the best Christmas gift.

Finally, I admired the moon last evening as Chris and I walked the dogs. It was hanging there in the sky peeking out between the bare branches of the trees. I guess it was supposed to be a supermoon or something. It looked like the moon that I have been viewing for the past 62 years. Actually, the supermoon is tonight and that is when it is at perigee. Wow. Weirdly, the next supermoon occurs on New Year's Day.

And so, December is off and running.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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