Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday has become, perhaps, the biggest Sunday of the entire year. Even bigger than Easter Sunday because it is a uniquely American national celebration and not a religious observance. 

Almost everyone is talking about the game and the day. Even though my favorite team is not playing, I will be watching the game  rooting for one of the teams. In addition, i will be treated to some of the best television commercials produced throughout the year to promote their products. 

Super Bowl Questerbacks
Tom Brady vs Matt Ryan
Tomorrow, the discussions will center upon the game and its outcome and also about which commercial was best. Some of the commercials are already available for review online at varying sites. I found a bunch of them at a site titled 2017 Super Bowl Commercials We Cant's Wait to See and more of them at Watch all of the 2017 Super Bowl commercials so far. It is almost like unwrapping a Christmas Gift early. I saw the one about "Avocados from Mexico"--I wonder if they will be able to get over the wall?

I wish that I was in Houston, not for the game but for the warmth! Projected high in Houston today is 76 degrees as compared to 47 degrees for Baltimore. 

Now about the game, I am cheering for the Falcons who have never won a Super Bowl. They are playing a team which has a documented history of pushing the limits of the rules to obtain an advantage over their opponents. Even though Madden predicts a Patriots victory of 27-24,  I also believe the game will be close but the final score will be 31-28 Falcons! (Sorry, Tim!)

Most important, however, it is not which team wins or loses, but the reason to gather with family and friends and just be together.

No matter for which team you are cheering, have a Super Sunday!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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