Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Musings - November 14, 2016

1. November is fast slipping away. The month is half over tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Cactus
2.  Our Thanksgiving cactus thinks the month is farther along acting as if the holiday has already arrived.

3. It is refreshing to be in the post-election environment. The news media is actually having to report real news. 

4. Sunset tonight in Baltimore occurs at 4:52 PM. Wait, that is not tonight, it is this afternoon!

5. I went outside and looked at the super Moon last evening. I couldn't see the cape (super heroes have capes, right?) and it didn't seem so super. But, it was bright.

Point Mugu State Park, California
November 7, 2016
6. During our drive from Lompoc to Los Angeles last week, we made a quick stop at Point Mugu State Park and snapped some spectacular images. 

7. "There is no more striking symbol of democracy than the picture of a citizen casting a ballot, electing a leader,  choosing his or her own destiny." Ronald Reagan 1982.

8. What a wild day in the NFL. The Saints saw the potential game-winning extra point after touchdown turn into two points for the Broncos. And how about them Cowboys winning one of the most thrilling finishes that I have seen in a long time?

9. The world's saddest polar bear is being rehoused in China according to the New York Times. 

10. On this date in 1969 the Apollo 12 mission to the moon lifted off and the United States went to the moon for the second time during the year. If only we still had the capability to put humans on the moon today.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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