Thursday, August 7, 2014

Highway Accident on the Way Home

Emergency Vehicle Responding to accident
I was not involved--but I saw the aftermath of the accident just as the first responders were arriving. The scene was a bit surreal, it appeared to be a single car accident where the vehicle wound up on its side in the middle of two lanes. Yes, on its side, specifically, the driver's door was against the pavement and the wheels were 90 degrees from the road surface. 

The road was collapsing from three full lanes of rush hour traffic down to one lane just getting by on the shoulder. 

It was refreshing to see how the cars parted on the traffic clogged highway to let the emergency vehicles by to get to the scene. Although, the vehicles had to come through the very middle of the clogged traffic.
Traffic as the Ambulance went by

And even more refreshing was the way everyone  came together so that we could snake by the accident. I maintained my mantra that drivers need to drive while passing the scene and so except for seeing the vehicle, I did not ascertain the extent of injuries to those involved. I needed to keep alert so as not to become involved in a secondary incident, especially since a large fire truck was ensuring that all of the travel lanes were closed and that the only way past the accident was on the shoulder.

Although it delayed my drive home, I was reminded that someone was having a very bad day, and but, by the grace of God, it was not me!

I prayed that they were OK and I proceeded safely on my journey home.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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