Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flying the Turbulent Skies

I did my best imitation of self-loading cargo (SLC) again yesterday as I carried my bag down the aisle into a Boeing 737 emblazoned with the markings of Southwest Airlines and after retrieving my electronics and reading material and stowing my carryon, I claimed my seat for an almost four-hour flight. 

I have become a fan of Southwest Airlines because when you fly with them you have no expectation of anything other than a drink and some peanuts. I fly for peanuts!

I always make the following statement when I enter the Southwest jet, "I'm flying first class today!" It usually draws a chuckle from the flight attendants because there is only one class of travel on Southwest. Yesterday was special because as we landed we were serenaded by one of the flight attendants with a nice arrival song over the public address system. She had a nice voice which reminded me of Doris Day until she went horribly flat during one part of the song. I still applauded because it was a nice ending to an unusually turbulent flight across the middle section of America.

The flight was one of the most turbulent that I have experienced in quite a while. The seat belt sign was on for most of the flight. It almost becomes counter productive to have the seat belt signs illuminated, because over time, people begin to ignore the warning and do what they need to do--usually, use the restroom. It is to the point where the only time it is serious is when the captain suspends cabin service and orders the flight attendants to be seated and strapped in. Then, people listen.

Upon landing, I imitated SLC again and deplaned. Off for business after spending part of my life I can never recover strapped inside an aircraft over the heartland of America.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Denver, CO (again!) 

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