Friday, June 6, 2014

The Target for a Great Afternoon

My Floatie in the Pool, Waiting
There it was--freshly placed into the pool and reach for immediate occupancy. An anticipated source of relaxation and enjoyment. 

The afternoon was hot--which has been unusual this year. The temperatures were pleasantly in the almost mid-80's and the water was clear.

Time to enjoy the pool!

Diving into the cool water was a freeing experience. Floating, suspended weightless for the length of a breath of air was exhilarating. Even for the few moments suspended below the surface--I was surrounded and supported.  Then, to the surface and into the floatie for a few scarce minutes of relaxation. 

Beginning next week, my 21 year old pool will be undergoing a major maintenance project. It is showing its age and needs to be restored to its former elegance and functionality.  Yes, I am tired of reattaching tiles to the walls and picking up places of plaster from the pool bottom. We have decided to retain the current look of the pool

More to follow--but for this weekend, realization and enjoyment on the surface of the water.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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