Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day at the Lake

View from the Cottage
The drive from Schenectady to Ithaca yesterday was uneventful, but at the end of the trip was a fantastic day at a lake house on the shores of Cayuga Lake. 

Fortunately we got started early and were able to enjoy a full day on the lake. 

Chris and her first fish
The day included fishing, relaxing, some more fishing, a lot more relaxing, and even a brief swim in the sub-70 degree waters of Cayuga lake. I mean, how could I come visit the lake and not go swimming just to say I did. I actually wished I had brought my snorkeling gear so that I could have checked out the lake shore a bit better. The area where we were drops off to 130 feet in depth pretty quickly. It would have been fun to check out the drop off. Even better, if I had had my scuba gear--maybe next time, if there is one.

Looking North along the Shoreline
I guess I consider the day a mini-vacation surrounded in some of the beauty of Central New York. Truthfully, I love the summertime in the area, but winters are just too cold and snowy. And long. I am convinced that winter runs from October until May.

I have always been fascinated with the lake and actually have spent some time on and in the lake. I remember fondly going to Camp Barton on Frontenac Point for a week nearly every summer and then working at the camp for two fantastic summers. I have one staff picture showing with me holding my bugle hanging off the welcome sign. I was the bugler and the dining hall steward--what an interesting mix.
Looking south from the west shore of Cayuga Lake

Yesterday at and in the lake brought back a lot of fun memories and it was a relaxing day in preparation for returning to the complexities of everyday life.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Ithaca, NY

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