Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Musings - March 24, 2014

1. Sitting in the breakfast area of the hotel yesterday morning I heard a couple complaining about everything and everyone in the area. I felt sad for them. They just had a very crusty view of life.

2. OK--I got sunburned in Florida. I had to come back looking like I actually spent four days in the sun. In olden times I would have called it a good base for my expected summertime tan, now I feel a bit silly letting myself get burned.

3. Weddings are exciting times and bring families together. They can be a bit chaotic to outsiders. They also are very noisy at hotels.

4. It was a huge shock to leave Tampa's 80 degree temperatures and arrive back in Baltimore's 36 degrees dressed in my shorts and flip flops sporting a sunburn.

5. There was something really great about looking up at the stars in the sky from Sarasota and being warm knowing they were the same stars over Baltimore.

6. I arrived at the Tampa airport yesterday just in time to see the end of the Kentucky-Whiticha State basketball game. Many people were transfixed on the game and as soon as the upset was secured they scurried off to their waiting airplanes.

7. Sadly, the Soviet reunion appears to be continuing despite the best threatening the West can muster.

8. How lucky am I? I just completed a weekend of burgers, beer, and baseball. Four baseball games--the Orioles were undefeated (2-0-2, yes, they allow ties in Spring Training) and the weather was, in a word, idyllic!

9. I am still amazed that I can wake up in Florida, see a baseball game, board an airplane, arrive home and be ready to play racquetball the next morning and then go to work. 

10. Opening Day for the Orioles is 7 Days away. The temperature here this morning is 24 degrees. I may have to wear a parka and mukluks to the game if something doesn't change.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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