Thursday, July 30, 2020

To the Beach

Ethan, Chris, Jax on the Beach
Ocean City, MD
July 29, 2020
We made it, finally, to the beach.

It is not Florida, but it is the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

We went for a quick overnight since we could not make it to Florida, at least right now. 

We practiced good physical distancing and did not venture onto the Boardwalk or any of the usual locations where large crowds gather. But, as a family, we had fun on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. A lot of the surf. The water was warmer than usual and so we actually did some wave jumping and body surfing. Mind you, it was not the 84 degree water of Florida, but it was very enjoyable.

Be responsible and practice physical distancing and wear a mask when off the beach!

-- Bob Doan, writing from Ocean City, MD

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